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Hiring a Standard Car

Passengers: 5 | Bags: 3

Standard car hire features

Standard car hire from Station Self Drive will put you behind the wheel of a great all-rounder. These cars can accommodate five adults in comfort, with plenty of room in the boot for luggage. There is always a high demand for standard car hire, which is a testament to just how popular these vehicles are. You get a modern four door car which will facilitate ease of access, these benefit from air-conditioning, efficient heaters and a modern stereo system.

Why hire a Standard car?

A great car for everything you need. More passengers, more bags, longer journeys, more room and comfort on the way to your holiday destination. The standard car really covers all scenarios. This is particularly relevant where children are involved. Most parents have experienced how restless their younger offspring can become when confined in the back of a small car for hours on end – not to mention travel sickness. A standard car affords more space, even with child seats, which can also be rented from Station Self Drive to save having to take them out of your own vehicle. Standard car hire will give you independence; no need for expensive taxi fares or struggling on public transport. Now, it is easier than ever to book a standard car online for a location and time to fit in with other travel plans, while also enjoying the peace of mind expected when dealing with Station Self Drive.

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