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Hiring a Large Van

Passengers: 3 | Payload: 2,209kg

Large van hire features

If you are looking for large van hire, Station Self Drive has what you need. These are vans from leading manufacturers, and they have proved themselves a popular choice for many different types of commercial business. The van you hire will be a recent model; Station Self Drive understands that customers look for reliability, practicality and versatility from vans in this class, and that is what we supply. Engines are typically 2.3L, four-cylinder diesels, with a payload close to 2,209kg. Fuel economy is good for a van in this category, with 35 mpg achievable. Cabs seat three and are designed for comfort, this is provided for by the inclusion of storage compartments and side pockets. The bulkhead is full size and will accommodate your every need during transportation.

Why hire a Large van?

The load capacity of a large van makes it a perfect choice for businesses that need to regularly move large payloads. A large van is just the ticket for small house moves or transporting a large object, such as a grand piano. Boxes stack very easily in the storage compartment. Cumbersome, non-symmetrical loads can also be accommodated and secured safely, using straps. Large vans are great for carrying large rolled materials, such as carpets, or for use as a vehicle for delivering white goods, such as American-style fridges, cookers, washing machines etc. Double-glazing firms often use this style of van because the back doors open 180 degrees, and they benefit from doors on both sides. This facilitates the safe loading of double-glazing units. There are situations when only a large van will do the job required. Now, it is easier than ever to book a large van online for a location and time to fit in with other travel plans, while also enjoying the peace of mind expected when dealing with Station Self Drive.

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